Cold Squad - Season 6 Episode 12 : True Believers (1)

Cold Squad
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When Nicco investigates the death of a female tree planter that took place thirty years ago, his best suspect is a well-known humanitarian Ian Northby, and Nicco soon begins to regret getting involved in the case, and finally realises that he doesn't belong in the Squad, but back on the force. After having an affair for months, Len gets antsy when Sonia gets involved in an undercover prostitution bust. She promises to quit if he will leave Wanda for her. He finally does, just as Sonja is being injected with a massive dose of heroin by the American pimp she's investigating. At the urging of the daughter of convicted murderer Abdul Rhaman, Ali agrees to look into the crime he was convicted of, the murder of Khallid Fulani. When she starts searching, she learns that Fulani never truly existed, and C.S.I.S. has seized all the files.

Title Cold Squad - Season 6 Episode 12 : True Believers (1)
Alternative Titles
First Air Date 1998-01-23
Last Air Date 2005-06-04
Number of Episodes 98
Number of Seasons 7
Genres Drama,
Networks CTV,
Casts Garry Chalk, Joy Tanner, Julie Stewart, Matthew Bennett, Tahmoh Penikett, Jerry Wasserman, Joely Collins, Richard Ian Cox, Jay Brazeau, Stephen McHattie, Peter Wingfield
Garry Chalk
Joy Tanner
Julie Stewart
Matthew Bennett
Tahmoh Penikett
Jerry Wasserman
Joely Collins
Richard Ian Cox
Jay Brazeau
Stephen McHattie
Peter Wingfield
Hiro Kanagawa
Michael Hogan
Lori Triolo
Stephanie Johnston
Stephanie Johnston
Erica Cerra
Tamara Marie Watson
Gregory Calpakis
Allan Lysell
Eli Gabay
Linda Ko
Samantha Walters
Samantha Walters
Sonja Bennett
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