Himmlers hersens heten Heydrich - Season 1 Episode 2 : Grandmother has died

Himmlers hersens heten Heydrich
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Heydrich grows into his role as head of Hitler's security service. He is the spider in the web behind many frightening actions. In 1939, he stages an attack by so-called Polish insurgents on a German radio station. It gives Hitler an excuse to invade Poland, making World War II a reality. But Heydrich's task does not end there. He has three more years until the Prague attack to achieve his ultimate goal: solving the "Jewish question. English stand-up comedian John Martin collects everything about the attack on Heydrich and knows exactly how it went down. His fascination begins at an early age; as a child he already has the desire to visit the bend in the road where the attack took place. Uncovering every detail about the attack, in addition to making jokes, has become his life's work.